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I am a freelance photographer and documentarian from Helsinki, Finland. Ever since I was a child I’ve been into visual arts, but in 2018 I chose to walk down the path of photography.

My passion lies in documentary photography. I am always looking for opportunities and invitations to go and document life around us – it could be someone’s day-to-day work, behind the scenes of a performance, someone’s hobby, or the preparations of a celebration. The best in all of this is finding beauty in the mundane and spreading this knowledge with my photographs.

I also do more promotional event photography for festivals, fairs, and shows of all kinds. In order to capture the essence of any event and the people participating in it, I always approach the situation with curiosity, an open mind, and with open eyes.

I use this same approach when taking portraits, through which I have the pleasure to meet different people from all walks of life. No matter if the portrait is for work, promotional purposes, a family portrait, of friends, of your special day, or a more creative portrait in the name of art, it is always a collaboration between me and you. I always do my best to make the experience as comfortable and safe as possible.

If you have an idea for a documentary or artistic project or if you need a portrait, send me a message and let’s plan it out together!

Outside of photography I work with languages – I am a teacher, a translator, a subtitler, and an occasional writer.